Socket Outlets

From small scale Domestic lighting, to larger commercial lighting, we are able to cater for all. No job is too big or too small. Although we don't aim to beat your quotes, we will always endeavour to be as cost effective as possible, whilst providing the highest standard of work and products.

IP Rated Sockets

These are best known as outdoor sockets and are called IP Rated because they have a certain level of protection against water and foreign bodies. Having outdoor IP Rated Sockets are great for use of your electrical garden tools (even the summer parties in the summer!!)

We can provide our services for:

  • Single Socket

  • Twin Socket

Electrical Sockets

We can do anything from replacing the socket face (whether its due to damage or purely cosmetic reasons) or install a new socket*

*prices will vary on whether or not your wish for the install to be cut into the wall or surface mounted.

We can provide our services for:

  • Single Socket

  • Twin Socket

Free Quote

All of our quotes are free and hold no obligation, so why not get in touch with us, and we'll come out to you!

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