Whether your outbuilding is a storage shed that you need lighting in, or a purpose build habitable building, we're able to help you achieve your requirements.

Electrical Supply

If your outbuilding/shed needs an electrical supply, we can do this by neatly placing the supply cable from the premises, securely fixed along the boundary, or for a better finish, we can dig a trench and install the supply cable into the ground.

Electrician in Birmingham digging trench for electrical cables to wire to an outbuilding

Fixtures and Fittings

You tell us what you want, and we try to make it happen! 

Electrician install outdoor lighting on an outbuilding

Distribution Unit

All outbuilding/sheds need a distribution unit if you want an electrical supply. The distribution board has to have the same regulations that a normal habitable dwelling would have. 

To find out more about distribution boards, see our Consumer Unit page

Consumer Unit input by ONCO SES Electrician in Birmingham

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